Episode 75.5

February 15, 2022


Here's Why DNS Matters w/ John Todd from Quad9

Hosted by

Henry Nathan
Here's Why DNS Matters w/ John Todd from Quad9
Surveillance Report
Here's Why DNS Matters w/ John Todd from Quad9

Show Notes

Why does DNS matter for privacy, security, freedom, and the internet? We are thrilled to bring on John Todd from Quad9 to give us the inside scoop on DNS and how important it is for all of us.


Quad9: https://quad9.net/

Dr Paul Vixie: https://www.farsightsecurity.com/about-farsight-security/team/vixie/

Quad9 Blog: https://quad9.net/news/blog

Quad9 Donation Page: https://www.paypal.com/donate?token=KCPcRNowmH1fHS0O0kIM2OdnaiKH3wOaqZnBVC3eGBgrK3K0M7W9dt1So5QE3Ersq_ZRDDY9c9I04yZS


00:00 Introduction
00:21 History of Quad9
06:57 What is DNS?
09:48 What is a "recursive" DNS?
13:05 Why does DNS matter?
19:52 DNS & enforcing content policies
20:59 Why should listeners change their default DNS?
23:28 What makes Quad9 different and why should listeners consider Quad9?
24:59 What is Quad9's business/funding model?
29:03 DoH vs DoT
36:35 John Todd's 7 DNS/tech predictions for 2022
37:39 Prediction 2: How can DNS help mitigate or prevent cyberattack?
42:37 DNS stability vs security
44:11 Prediction 6: What does the future of privacy regulation hold?
47:00 Additional thoughts& comments
48:38 Quad9 vs the Courts (and how you can help!)

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